Peacemaker revealed at last!


The new webcomic from author Marianne de Pierres and artist Brigitte Sutherland is out at last!

And you can find it here.

I LOVE this new cross-genre venture into Western/SF.  Even more, I LOVE that it’s from Aussie creative women, who both lead their respective packs!

Kickass heroine (we expect nothing less from MDP, of course), great story, gorgeous settings (Australia, where else?) and fab artwork & design.

As a relative newbie to graphic novels – I don’t count the Superman comics I devoured as a teen, back in the Jurassic – I’m enthralled. The artwork and text line up beautifully, to flow a narrative that is fast-paced, rich and complex. Each element in every panel serves at least three purposes; it’s a masterful crafting and creates a seamless whole. Plus, it’s a damn fine yarn.

My only gripe? ONE EPISODE to begin with!  I’m assuming many more are on their way, and I’ll be sitting patiently at my browser waiting, like a horse by his manger.

Highly recommended. Try a sample or buy it here. Yeehaw!!

2 responses to this post.

  1. I will be distracting myself with Falling Skies until issue to comes out.


  2. Good call, Sean ;-)


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